Getting On Board with Vet Starter

Bio-One Inc. is proud to announce our partnership with VetStarter. VetStarter is a non-profit based solely around giving Vets returning home a chance at business ownership. 

All donations are 100% given to the vet, not one cent is used for anything else. It's a program like no other. Please visit the site and take a look. Help those who've served our county become thriving business owners. Help First.

Meet Christopher Negron – U.S. Army


Christopher’s objective is to open a Bio-One franchise in the Texas market.  He has saved $25,000 of his own money from his military service.  The additional $62,000 will enable Christopher to purchase his franchise and all startup equipment and supplies.  He will receive complete business and operational training and support from the Bio-One franchise headquarters to help him build a thriving business. Mr. Negron has successfully completed the franchisor’s qualifying process and received approval for franchise ownership.


Skills Section: 

Throughout my time served in the military I obtained seven values loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage that were instilled in me physically, mentally, and spiritually, that until this day I still live my life by. The one value I feel I’m most proficient in would be my Integrity I’ve always been the person who’s doing what’s right legally and morally on and off work setting an example for other people around me could follow.

Professional Background: 

19 October 2010 – 27 April 2016 I was an Enlisted soldier in the United States Army as a Vertical Engineer also known as a 12W (Carpentry/Masonry Specialist) throughout my military service I cross trained with other professions 12K (Plumber), 12R(Electrician), 12B(Combat Engineer), and PSD (Protective Service Detachment). As a lower Enlisted I held a supervisor position (Squad Leader) with five soldiers directly below me. In 4 December 2012 – 3 September 2013 my company the 77th Engineer Company I was assigned to in Fort Leonard wood, Missouri deployed to Afghanistan under OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom). Our main focus was to help with the down size of troops in the Afghanistan while enforcing peace during a time of war.


Bio-One Inc. is a Crime and Trauma scene cleanup which specializes in suicide recovery, decomposition, recovery, hoarding recovery, medical and bio waste removal, mold removal, and rodent feces abatement. With my business as a franchisee with Bio-One Inc. my objective is to enforce that with every job we ensure that we are not just there to do a job we are there to comfort the customer involved while helping them in their time of need. My goal for the business is to expand my territory with Bio-One Inc while giving back to the men and women who defended our country. Veterans who are in similar situations as myself single parents, Veterans who are unable to find work, or veterans who have a disability that prevents them to maintain a job.

Watch Chris's video:

Invest In a Vet:

“Once a Vet Gets Started, There Is No Stopping Them”

This section of features many options and opportunities to Invest In aVet.  You can come alongside a Veteran Entrepreneur as they select, launch and grow a business.  Business ownership affords entrepreneurs with the freedom to provide for their families, create jobs and give back to their communities.

You can get involved on several levels.  Financial contributions can be made to the general fund or to individuals.  The general fund is primarily used to make up the difference between the target amount and any shortfall amount that a Veteran raises during their respective crowd funding campaigns.  We do this to ensure that all Veteran initiatives are successful.  The individual contributions are earmarked directly for the corresponding Veteran that is chosen by the contributing party.

We also offer other options to Invest In a Vet including mentorships, coaching and education.  We are always seeking help with this element of our program.

  • Vet Starter is a 501c3 non-profit organization
  • 100% of your contributions go to the Veteran business